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Olivier De Sagazan: “I can only answer you with my creations, not with words.”

Sabrina Nichols: “If you want to stay creative you have to spend a lot of time playing.”

Elio Mascolo: “The subjects of my paintings are often characters whose ‘impositions’ offend my intellectual dignity.”

Blixa Bargeld: “If everything is possible, then you don’t get very far.”

Horace Panter: “Our message was serious but our music was uplifting”

Stanley Donwood: “I like staring into space and doing nothing”

Taisiia Cherkasova: “It is up to the viewer to find true meaning”

Isaac Cordal: “I miss a dose of positivism to create a new inertia in the world.”

Stefan Sagmeister: “In my own profession I see a general lack of regard for beauty”

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