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Donkey Quixote: EO is the successor to Au Hasard Balthazar

Lisa Hurwitz: “I think nostalgia gets a bad rap.”

Gaspar Noe: “I feel that I’m more serene with these two concepts we call life and death.”

Lea Seydoux: “Like many actors, I have a lot of instinct, but I’m also scared, even if I often feel comfortable on a set.”

Julia Ducournau: “I wanted light to spring from the shadows…”

Abdel Bendaher: “I tend to observe a lot and am careful to not be noticed”

Parker Love Bowling: “Being in a Tarantino film has been a dream since I was six”

Ruth Paxton: “I have a hunger for beauty, and want to be responsible for it”

Blanche Gardin: “Why should you trust a machine?”

Maziar Ghaderi: “If you criticize one side people assume you’re on the polar opposite.”

Seamus Murphy: “You can either laugh or you can fucking cry…”

An obsessive search for good danger: Interview with Guillaume Nicloux

Sympathy for the devil