Interviews //

Olivier De Sagazan: “I can only answer you with my creations, not with words.”

Prussia Snailham “I’m reading my diary out loud. I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious.”

Carlos Dengler: “I can never rest and I can never rely on my environment. I’m always moving.”

Lula Is In Trouble: “I consider myself a loner with a lot of imagination”

Michal Korta: “I have so many doubts. It’s a lonely path.”

Kid Congo Powers: “The imposter syndrome was just something of my own making that’s in my head, it’s not reality.”

Mr Gee: “Some people desire fame or acceptance, but such things are fleeting unless they are rooted in something real.”

Lisa Hurwitz: “I think nostalgia gets a bad rap.”

Sabrina Nichols: “If you want to stay creative you have to spend a lot of time playing.”

Shilpa Ray: “I’m an introvert so I spend a lot of time by myself when I can.”

Gaspar Noe: “I feel that I’m more serene with these two concepts we call life and death.”

Julia Ducournau: “I wanted light to spring from the shadows…”

Rebecca Lucy Taylor: “I had no fucking self-esteem at all and that was what was wrong in my life.”

Blixa Bargeld: “If everything is possible, then you don’t get very far.”

Horace Panter: “Our message was serious but our music was uplifting”

Abdel Bendaher: “I tend to observe a lot and am careful to not be noticed”

Matt Morgan: “I don’t need to sort out the mysteries of the universe.”

Stanley Donwood: “I like staring into space and doing nothing”

Taisiia Cherkasova: “It is up to the viewer to find true meaning”

Prom Queen’s Celene Ramadan: “One could argue that life itself is a near death experience”