Dance me till the end of…. Hear the new Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was one of music’s greatest ever poets and writers and may have indeed met his maker back in 2016, but as these things now go, the small matter of an artist’s death doesn’t mean their own output should also cease.

Following the release of spoken word prayer-like ‘The Goal’, ‘Happens to the Heart’ has now been ‘published’ online and comes complete with a music video to accompany the moody acoustic guitars and Cohen’s signature heartbreaking tone. And as always with Cohen, the lyrics are 10/10.

In the prison of the gifted
I was friendly with the guards
So I never had to witness
What happens to the heart

Sure we played a stunning couple
But I never liked the part
It ain’t pretty, it ain’t subtle
What happens to the heart

‘Happens to the Heart’ is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming ‘new’ record Thanks For The Dance which will be available on November 22. The album was produced by Cohen’s son, Adam, and can be pre-ordered here.

View the video and listen below:

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