East London to the World: Grime around the Planet


One of the UK’s biggest cultural exports of this century, grime has transformed from a hyper-localised East London sound to a worldwide phenomenon in under two decades. The music that began in an overlooked council estate in Bow has spawned an entire international culture. When Kanye West took to the stage at the 2015 Brit […]

Sina Khani: The 7 most ridiculous things about KIRAC 28

[Editors note: I recently interviewed ‘anti’ comedian, German-Iranian filmmaker, and ‘Creep From The Middle East‘ Sina Khani.  Now, in the first of what will hopefully be many occasions when Sina turns writer for Felten Ink, he reviewed the recent film and output from Keeping it Real Art Critics (KIRAC). KIRAC is an art collective founded […]

Sina Khani: “I’m a piece of shit human being who is always in some kind of stupid trouble and who is mortal as fuck. I’m pretty sure I will die laughing one day.”

In the ensemble’s own words, ‘Creeps from the Middle East is a black and white, non-monetized, relatively unscripted comedy show created by Susan Lanting, Steven Bos and Sina Khani.’  For me, the initial reaction found it all to be a very bizarre, experimental take on the ‘absurd’; an art/ comic project that oozes ideas, and […]

Wim Wenders: “Everyday stories are the only eternal stories.”

    I wish I had hours or months to speak to Wim Wenders. This is the guy who made the majestic Wings of Desire among many others. Paris, Texas is another which demands the attention of all. Wim Wenders came to international prominence as one of the pioneers of German Cinema during the 1970’s. […]