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Watch/ Listen to ‘Mumma Bird’ – The new one from Prussia Snailham

“If your boyfriend has ever treated you like his mummy, this is your new anthem.” – Prussia Snailham

Mumma Bird is the latest in a growing line of tremendous and moving songs to be released from Glasgow’s finest electro-pop doom-merchant (is that fair? I love it all the same) the wonderfully named, Prussia Snailham. Prussia not only pens and produces great song after song, complete with addictive lyrics to match, she’s also in the business of creating her own video content to accompany said track(s). A true all-rounder.

On the face of it, with lyrics and video to enjoy along with music, the track appears to be a failed relationship lament. Ok Duh. “When I forgot how to be your lover, I forgot how to be your friend”, Prussia moans with beauty. The video’s images of a bird feeding it’s young and lines such as, “I filled your fridge and folded your clothes”, evoke more dissatisfaction with whichever man-child the true story of this is about.

When I asked her about the new track, Prussia confirmed, stating: “Ooooh! Mumma Bird? A type of toxic relationship… Slowly becoming someone’s carer because they can’t take care of themself.. they don’t even want to look after themselves cause why would they when you’re surrogate mummy… and all the romance leaves your relationship.” 


Watch/ Listen to Mumma Bird below.


Read Prussia Snailham’s interview with yours truly here at Felten Ink.

You can keep up to date with her work, live dates and the rest on her Instagram and X accounts.

And follow new releases on Prussia’s YouTube and Spotify.



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