It Tastes Better With The Money: Fat White Family Make Their Glorious Return

After 5 fucking years, finally, finally, we can now all hail the return of the sorriest, decrepit, and mankiest-looking-yet brilliant-sounding fuckers that South London has ever blessed us with.  Fat White Family are back with what their ‘people’ are describing as “the most sophisticated, vital and flamboyant creation of their career.” Given how long we’ve had to wait, and given their history of churning out outstanding record after record, who the hell am I to question the PR team.

They go on, “…like everything they’ve done, [this album] has pushed them to the limits not only of their creative talent, but of their health, their sanity, their very existence.”

And once again, based on the signs from the new releases thus far, it’s hard to question this sentiment.

Check out their interesting new video (kids to bed please) for the blinding new single, ‘Bullet of Dignity’.



Or if you like your music videos with more sombre French-Art-House feel, check out the equally brilliant ‘Religion For One’.

Pre-order Forgiveness Is Yours for first access to soon-to-be-announced live dates.


FORGIVENESS IS YOURS runs as follows:

  • 01 The Archivist
  • 02 John Lennon
  • 03 Bullet of Dignity
  • 04 Polygamy Is Only For The Chief
  • 05 Visions of Pain
  • 06 Today You Become Man
  • 07 Religion for One
  • 08 Feed The Horse
  • 09 What’s That You Say
  • 10 Work
  • 11 You Can’t Force It

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