The worst (or best) of interviews according to.. well, us

For reasons I won’t bother you with right now, I recently was propelled to search for a Kurt Cobain interview where he spoke about British music and in particular, Blur’s horrendous ‘There’s No Other Way’ record. What I came across was a video where all three members of Nirvana do their best to answer the most banal and as I soon realized, shittest questions I’ve ever heard posed. The atrocity in question is embedded below. It’s interesting to me of course, because, the main part of this site deals with interviews with artists and GOD FORBID I should ever show myself up for being the amateur I am with any similar line of questioning. You, dear reader, can be the judge of that. In short, I thought why not publish a list of the cringiest and most pathetic attempts of journalistic interviews that YouTube has to offer, or at least the ones I could find and remember as being my personal favorites. Enjoy.. or at least endure the many times when journalists are awful… or in some cases, the interviewee is being abnormally difficult. Again, for you to decide.


Nirvana Interview


Jordan Peterson VS Cathy ‘so what you’re saying is’ Newman



Lou Reed

The complete saga of Harmony Korine on Letterman (and why he got banned for life)


Brian May has had enough, before things get started (What’s that in Dutch?)

Oliver Reed Interview – Saving the greatest interview of all time till last.



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