Morrissey debuts new song on “England’s 9/11: Silly people sing don’t look back in anger”

Morrissey has recently been playing a series of gigs in Las Vegas, and a joyous ‘hurrah’ must be in order, sincerely. During his sets, he’s debuted new songs from his forthcoming (yet unscheduled for release) new record, ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’, all of which have been met with the usual approval you get from admirers and lovers who ‘get’ and have a deep understanding of this most complex man. Yes, the new material is sublime and the former Smiths’ front continues to misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘disappoint’, as it’s clearly not in his arsenal. Decline comes in many forms, but thankfully, in this case, we are to be spared, for now, majestic as Morrissey’s new material is. The man himself shows no sense of letting go. Maybe the quiff could be thicker, but then, that goes for all of us.

Amongst Morrissey’s sets, he’s played many new songs, including one which he remarked was about “England’s 9/11”. The tune was ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’, which refers directly to the  23 people who were murdered whilst attending an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. Most people didn’t and ceased to talk about the reasons of the attacks (Douglas Murray aside) at the time or since, but then Morrissey talks about everything, thankfully.

“This song is new… it’s about England’s 9/11 and obviously, most people in jolly old England won’t talk about it… but I will”, Morrissey said.

The words to Bonfire of Teenagers follow: “And the silly people say, don’t look back in anger…  all the morons sing and sway, don’t look back in anger… I can assure you I will look back in anger till the day I die… go easy on the killer.”


You can buy tickets for Morrissey’s forthcoming shows at LINK


Incidentally, Morrissey did play some other utterly tremendous tunes during his time in Vegas, so check them out via  Mitch Wight on YouTube:

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